Health Dpt: Youth Sports Field Contaminated

Taylor Creek Youth Organization field, courtesy Google Maps

Taylor Creek Youth Organization field, courtesy Google Maps

( Whitewater Twp ) - Hamilton County health officials are trying to get the word out about contaminants found at a local athletic field area.

Taylor Creek Youth Organization on Furlong Road provides access to baseball, softball, and soccer fields. On Monday, the Hamilton County Department of Health released a statement saying it is now working with the EPA after both lead and arsenic were found in the soil. It's believed that turkey shoots held nearby are the source. 

Health Commissioner Tim Ingram said in the release that "while we feel that the potential risks to children who have played on these fields are small, we would advise anyone concerned to consult their physician." A test of water nearby was negative for lead and arsenic.

A statement posted on Taylor Creek Youth Organization's website says "Testing of the entire facility has been on going and no contaminates have been found to date with the exception of Baseball field 5. We closed this field immediately upon notification and are working with all parties involved to get this cleaned up properly."

The health department says there have been no confirmed exposures.