Ban On Bump Stocks Blocked In City Council, Still Chance Of Passage

(Cincinnati, OH) - The absence of Council Member Wendell Young put a damper on the full city council considering and passing a ban on bump stocks Wednesday. 

There were not enough votes to override the Law and Public Safety Committee's vote to put consideration of a ban on bump stocks on indefinite hold.

Council Member Greg Landsman was disappointed, "This is a frustrating example of how difficult it is to get common sense gun safety done in this country." 

Council Members Amy Murray and Jeff Pastor initially voted down considering the ordinance and refused to change their votes so the full council could proceed.

"I normally would be willing to do that to law consideration, but I feel if we have some time on this and other lawsuits will go through and we'll have a declarative answer in the city and not spend taxpayer dollars on something that's already been deemed unconstitutional, and so I'd rather wait and let it go through the legal system," said Murray.

The ordinance introduced by Council Member PG Sittenfeld may still get passed, despite the events at Wednesday's meeting. 

Mayor John Cranley is likely to revisit the issue next week when Council Member Wendell Young is expected to be in attendance. That will create the possibility of having enough votes for the ban to be considered and even passed.