City's Proposed Ordinance To Ban Bump Stocks On Hold

Bump Stock Getty Images

(Cincinnati, OH) - Council members on the Cincinnati's Law and Public Safety Committee voted 2-1 Monday to put the proposed city ordinance to ban bump stocks on hold indefinitely.

Council Members Amy Murray and Jeff Pastor voted for the hold saying the city should wait for legislation to be passed at the state and federal level so the city doesn't get sued.

"As a fiscal conservative my concern here is with both the 2nd amendment and also with the monies we're going to pay out,"  said Pastor.

"While it's important I think it's premature and I think we're going to end up being sued...and I think if we wait we will know shortly what is happening with this at the state and federal level and we will not have to incur a lot of public dollars for this issue," said Murray.

Vice Mayor and Chair of the Law and Public Safety Committee voted no to put the ordinance on hold.

Council Member PG Sittenfeld said in the meeting that Mayor John Cranley supports the ordinance and may choose to override the committee's vote and bring the proposal to the full city council for consideration.


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