Police Report Expected Wednesday On Kyle Plush's Death

Police Chief Elliot Issac

(Cincinnati, OH) - While the investigation into events surrounding Kyle Plush's death is expected to go beyond the 10 day deadline Police Chief Elliot Issac initially set to complete it, last Monday he said the investigation is moving forward.

"We're progressing.," said Chief Issac, "We hope to have something in very short order."

Investigators said they were completing technical reviews and conducting more interviews last week, said Issac.

Issac also afraid the officers called out to Seven Hills School the day Kyle died are still with the police department. 

"They are, there still working. But one of them is actually on leave...he was off for a while and he's still on some extended leave he had prior to this incident, so he's not returned to work."

Vice Mayor Chris Smitherman announced last week he expects the investigation to be complete and to review the report at the Law and Public Safety committee on Wednesday.



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