Wendell Young Apologizes to Plush Family

Cincinnati City Councilman Wendell Young

( Cincinnati ) - At Wednesday's regular meeting of Cincinnati City Council, Wendell Young offered a public apology to the Plush family for his comments the day before.

After an hours-long committee hearing about the death of 16-year-old Kyle Plush, Young discussed the idea of the Plush family possibly trying to get money from the city for their son's death. That let to Plush's parents and other relatives calling Young's words "insensitive" before angrily leaving.

Wednesday, Young said "the choice words I used, while not intended to cause hurt, allowed them to misinterpret what I was trying to say. My fault entirely. I take full responsibility for that." Young says he fully understands why the family is upset with him, and he says he is "extremely sorry."

Following that apology, Mayor John Cranley said that he felt Young's questions to a city worker who testified during that Tuesday meeting were also harsh and that he should apologize to her as well. Young refused to do that, telling Mayor Cranely "I will not be lectured by you about how to treat people. You of all people."


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