Chief: Teen Plush Called 911 Twice, Was Found Dead Hours Later by Family

( Cincinnati ) - Following the initial reports of a teen found dead in a van parked near Seven Hills High School, the police chief gave an update on Thursday, laying out the timeline as officers understand it.

Police Chief Eliot Isaac says 16-year-old Kyle Plush called 911 just after 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon to say that he was stuck in a van outside the Seven Hills parking lot, repeatedly yelling for help. Plush apparently could not hear the 911 call-taker. The chief says officers responded to the parking area, but couldn't find anything wrong. Before those officers cleared the scene, Plush called 911 again and gave a description of the van. Chief Isaac says that information was not passed on to the responding officers.

Later that afternoon, a Hamilton County Sheriff's deputy working a traffic detail who had heard broadcasts about the incident found the van. He said he examined the area, and couldn't find anything wrong.

Police Chief Isaac says several hours later, a family member went to the school, and found the van with Kyle Plush unresponsive inside. Subsequent emergency responders were unable to revive him, and he was pronounced dead. The chief says the van was unlocked.

A statement from Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters says Plush died of "asphyxia due to chest compression." He says he's working with the county coroner to review what happened. Chief Isaac on Thursday also said his department is investigating.


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