Apparent Deal Reached Between FCC and City on West End Stadium

( Cincinnati, OH ) - FC Cincinnati got a crucial vote on City Council Friday morning, as Councilman P.G Sittenfeld announced a deal to build a soccer stadium in the West End.

Sittenfeld says he will back a taxpayer-funded infrastructure deal to help the soccer club build their privately funded stadium near Taft High School.

In the deal, Cincinnati Public Schools would get the $25 million in property taxes they had requested. The club would also spend $15 million on affordable housing in the West End, and $100,000 per year going to community organizations. 

With Sittenfeld's support, there appears to be enough votes on council to approve the nearly $34 million in infrastructure costs. That total is actually less than what it would have cost to build the stadium in Oakley. 

Cincinnati Public Schools Friday said they are going to read over the proposed deal before voting on it. The School Board wants to make sure it checks all their necessary boxes before signing off on it. 

So far there has been no statement from FC Cincinnati, but one is expected Friday evening.


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