FC Cincinnati Updates Stadium Site Search; Still Working on West End Deal

( Cincinnati, OH ) - FC Cincinnati GM Jeff Berding released a statement Thursday night, updating the club's efforts to lock down a new stadium site. 

A site to build a $200 million soccer stadium has not been selected, but it appears a deal to build in the West End may be coming back from the dead. 

"Experience shows that successful MLS teams have stadiums in the urban core. While we believe in Oakley, it is not as close to the urban core as desired," Berding said in his statement. 

"FCC ownership has acquired additional property near the proposed stadium site to allow for a more significant development to provide a more vibrant and urban environment to support the stadium, sponsored a traffic study to understand necessary public improvements required for the site, and engaged the Oakley Community Council. But we do not believe Oakley is the best fit for a move into MLS at this time."

As for Newport, Berding says the club would happily build the stadium at the Ovation site, but the club has not been able to reach agreement on site development and financing plans with Corporex.

That leaves the West End. Berding says, "We have worked for nearly three months in the West End, engaging neighborhood stakeholders, CPS, elected officials and others in a variety of public meetings and private discussions. While we have yet to achieve necessary political support to advance plans for a privately financed stadium in the West End, we continue to engage elected leaders in Cincinnati to build a winning partnership here in the City."

No timeline has been given on when a final decision could be made. 


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