School Board Wants More Money From FC Cincinnati

(Cincinnati, OH)  - As FC Cincinnati zeroes in on a spot for a new $250 million soccer stadium, plans for the site in the West End could be in jeopardy.

Cincinnati school board members are taking a hard line on FC Cincinnati's offer to pay property taxes on a proposed West End stadium.  

The board criticized the soccer team's offer yesterday, saying that's a small fraction of what a 250-million-dollar stadium would be worth.  

FC Cincinnati would pay $100,000 to $500,000 a year in property taxes through 2031 on the stadium before tying future payouts to profits.

The President of the soccer club says the payments they have proposed are much more than what the school district collects now. 

They have also proposed other incentives to make the deal more attractive to the school district.

Last month, the team announced a proposal to build its $250 million stadium project in the West End, on the current Stargel Stadium site and build a new, $10 million high school stadium for Taft High school next door.

 No word yet on when the school board might put the plan to a vote.



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