Police Union Prez: Assistant Police Chief 'Forced Out'

( Cincinnati ) - An assistant police chief who's worked in the Cincinnati Police Department for decades has been "forced out," and the head of the police union says the City Manager "is ruling as a pure authoritarian."

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 69 President Dan Hils tells us that Assistant Police Chief Dave Bailey (pictured above in a photo taken by Casey Weldon, shaking hands with Mayor John Cranley and with City Manager Harry Black at his swearing in as Executive Assistant Police Chief) was told to take a paid leave until his retirement in 18 to 24 months or be fired. Hils tells us Mayor Cranley wants the move reconsidered. "John Cranley had not heard of this, had not been notified of the number two [person] in the police department being forced out. [City Manager Harry Black] had not told him about this officially or--it's my understanding--at all. So he reached out to Mr Black," said Hils. 

Hils tells us Black said it was a move that came from Police Chief Eliot Isaac, though he did support it. "It would appear to me that the manager's ruling as a pure authoritarian, that he does not like people that disagree with him," Hils said.

On Tuesday, The Enquirer posted an article referencing leaked emails and text messages with the city manager claiming there's a rogue element in the police department.

Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach on Twitter praised Bailey:


Mayor Cranley sent an email to City Manager Black on Thursday afternoon, saying that he wishes Chief Isaac and Lt Col Bailey "could work this out." The mayor also called the situation "sad."


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