Gun Rights Rally To Be Held At Ohio Statehouse

(Columbus, OH) If you can legally carry it, you are welcome to bring it!  There will be a state-wide gathering of 2nd amendment supporters at the "Rally For Our Rights" Saturday March 10, at 1 p.m. on the statehouse grounds in Columbus. They are protesting current legislation proposed in the Ohio Senate, SB260.

The message posted on the event's Facebook page reads:

The sheriff, The FBI; They all dropped the ball on Parkland. The problem is not a need for MORE gun laws, the problem is actively enforcing the laws we have! Had our current laws been enforced, and action been taken, the shooter would have been placed under disability and barred from purchasing or having firearms.

Rather than look at the root of the problem, and address the failures across the board, our legislators in Ohio decided instead to try and push through a ban on something they know nothing about. 

SB260 has been proposed and is effectively a ban on “assault weapons” which they define as: a semi-automatic firearm capable of accepting a detachable magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds. THIS ACCOUNTS FOR THE MAJORITY OF FIREARMS IN THE STATE!

This, unfortunately, we have seen before. Knee jerk, emotional reactions do nothing to address the problem, and everything to show the lack of knowledge our current legislators in favor of this bill have on the very object they want banned.

NO MORE! We have given enough! We are not guilty! There is no blood on our hands! These proposal would be completely ineffective at preventing any crime or shooting, but would limit what you as a free American can own even further than you are already limited! We will not stand for it!

Join us March 10th at 1pm in front of the Statehouse in downtown Columbus for a rally! Let’s make our voices heard! Open carry welcome! If you can legally carry it, you are welcome to bring it! Or don’t carry, it’s up to you. But we need YOU there! We need your friends and family there! We need numbers! We need to show the “leaders” in our state that we will not stand for any more infringement. 

Disclaimer: While we would love to see as many people carrying as possible, please take it upon yourself to make sure that you are obeying all laws (local, state, and federal), that you can legally be in possession of a firearm and are not under any disability or otherwise barred from owning or possessing a firearm, and that any interactions with law enforcement or the public are respectful and courteous. Ohio Carry does not condone violence, disrespect, or anything that could be misconstrued as disorderly conduct. You are coming to this event as an individual and Ohio Carry is not responsible and cannot be held accountable for any action you commit, or any action taken against you legally or civilly. While we encourage you to flex your rights, please use your own best discretion as to what to do and not to do.


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