GOP Targets ObamaCare in New Tax Plan

Senate Lawmakers Address The Media After Their Weekly Policy Luncheons

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After failing to do away with the Affordable Care Act earlier this year, Republicans will now try to kill two birds with one stone by adding a partial ObamaCare repeal to their tax package, the Wall Street Journal reports. Sen. Mitch McConnell says getting rid of the ACA's mandate that most Americans purchase health insurance will be part of the tax package being unveiled Tuesday. According to the Washington Post, McConnell says he's "optimistic" that adding the mandate repeal to the tax package will "be helpful." 

And Republican Sen. John Thune says the money saved from getting rid of the mandate will be put toward lowering taxes for the middle class. Those savings, approximately $338 billion over a decade, would come from the government not paying subsidies to help some low and middle-income people buy insurance, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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