Congratulations to Bob Trumpy, who is the winner of the Pete Rozelle Award given to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement in NFL broadcasting.

Trumpy was one of many on how to be a broadcast professional. I remember my first game covering the Reds in 1979. The media huddled into Manager John Mc Namara's office where I called him Coach. He was not happy. I told Trump about it and told me to go right down the next day and apologize....I did....all ended well.

Trump was the one who gave me my nickname, SEG.  #### eatin' grin. Everyone had a nickname at the station and he came up with SEG.

Trump was a wonderful guy to know and work with. I will be forever be in his debt on what he taught me about broadcasting. Listening to sportscasts and taking his advice.  When he talked, YOU listened.

He was a true professional broadcast in every sense of the word. He prepared for an NFL game every week for hours.  It was great to see him on TV each Sunday knowing I worked with him. 

I got to work with Trump and Doug Kidd on Sportstalk on 700 WLW over the years and it was work and fun at the same time. Learning the business from Trump was great. I would not have been able to met some many famous sports personalities if it wasn't for Trump.    

Trump ....headed to Canton in August.   Well deserved.  Hall of Famer.  Congrats.