(Cincinnati, Oh.)--Greenpeace activists have hung two banners on the side of Procter & Gamble’s Downtown offices Tuesday.

The 60-foot banners read: "Head & Shoulders: Stop Putting Tiger Survival on the Line” and “Head & Shoulders: Wipes out Dandruff & Rainforests.”


For a photo gallery of the banners, click here


The banners were hung by nine activists, six men and three women, who repelled down the building on zip-lines. Greenpeace accuses P&G of buying palm oil linked to rainforest destruction, for the production of products like Head & Shoulders and Oil of Olay.


Cincinnati Police say the nine activists came in off the building without resistance, and without problems.  They are charged with criminal trespassing, and inducing panic.  And more charges, like destruction of property, could be coming.


Last week P&G announced they are investigating the clams made by Greenpeace and say the company is committed to begin using 100 percent sustainable palm oil by 2015.