This weekend is the uber-popular laser light show Lumenocity, at Washington Park.  But you already know that.  You've been trying to get tickets, but without much luck, because everyone else is clamoring just as hard.

But, this being Cincinnati in the summertime, you have options.

For instance, the Lumenocity show will be simulcast at Fountain Square, (shown above,) and at Riverbend, Sunday night.

But, Bill, you say, what am I supposed to do Friday and Saturday nights?

Good question.  But, as stated previously, this is Cincinnati in the summer, and there are alternatives.

For instance, Friday night, (and Saturday), at Sawyer Point, there's the Cincinnati Blues Festival.

This will be the third major concert festival along Cincinnati's riverfront this summer, after Bunbury (rock) and Buckle Up (country).

But, perhaps you're sick of music.  (It's possible, although improbable.)

There's always the Brew & View, in Mount Adams' Eden Park, Saturday night.