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Marc Amazon

Personality Bio

Marc has spent virtually his entire life in the Tri-State area, attending college at IU, and at various times hanging his hat in Montgomery, Clifton, Oakley, Mt. Lookout and Mason. After stints in Portland, OR and Greensboro, NC he got tired of the shipping costs for LaRosa's and Montgomery Inn and came home.

Amazon has hosted radio programs for over ten years, with a timely mix of politics, local issues, sports and entertainment. His 1999 "Tournament of Babes" is still considered one of this city's cultural milestones, on par with the Mapplethorpe exhibit and the Uncle Al Show.

Marc's top accomplishments include winning the Sycamore Junior High 8th grade basketball Mr. Defense award, being the youngest kid ever suspended from his middle school and injuring Bill Cunningham playing racquetball. He enjoys movies (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Gladiator, Wedding Crashers), TV (Survivor, Friday Night Lights, Modern Family) and music (27 Jimmy Buffett concerts at Riverbend, and counting). In fact, before he met his lovely wife, he held the career record for most women bummed out at a single concert (all of them).

Marc lives in Mason with his wife and two children, where he spends his weekends shuttling from soccer game to baseball game to basketball game, while occasionally wishing the games could be played in a bar. Marc's show is produced by Garrett Sabelhaus, Dave Keaton and Jake Wendling.


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