Let's talk Maple seeds, you know, those little helicopters that are falling to the ground by the millions. They will all germinate within one month of hitting the ground. You could be on the list of having one of the largest maple tree nursery around. If they land in your lawn and you have not treated the lawn with weed seed killer Prodiamine you could have maple seed germination in thin to bare areas of your lawn.

That is no big deal, as your lawn mower will cut the tree leaves of those baby trees off causing the roots to starve and die. BUT, what about all those flower and planting beds that you have? Any area that has no grass to mow is vunerable to new baby trees. All of those "off the lawn" areas should be treated with the seed killer Dimension so all the seeds that land will die as they try to germinate. This product will also keep other weed seeds from gerinating. This product is only a seed killer so it can be applied around and over the top of all your good plants. Apply again in late August and you will be weed seed protected through out the balance of this year's growing season.

So far, this month we've avoided the the big freeze threat, but the possibility still exists. The latest frost/freeze record for this area is May 31 and a few years ago we had a heavy snow on May 27th. I don't want to be a TV weather person and scare you but want you to be aware of cold possibilites. At Bloomin, we love to sell plants but even more important, we love seeing you successful so we can have a long relationship in your landscape together.

It's time to stop and smell the Lilacs with the cool spring....

Lilacs are just now showing their different colors and aromas. Common Lilacs love full sun and lots of room while the beautiful Dwarf Korean Lilacs can be kept shrub size through trimming and will tolerate light to medium shade. Stop in and see our Lilacs. Get a whiff of that wonderful aroma at the same time.

Be sure to treat your Knock Out Roses for rose slugs.