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Former Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory is officially off the hook.
He's been replaced by 50 Cent when it comes to a ceremonial first pitch gone wrong.
Tuesday night: Mets-Pirates at Citi Field in New York.

Poll: Which first pitch is worse?

Mark Mallory


Looking ahead to the deadline
The Reds are in a difficult and unique situation looking ahead to 2015.
They control four starting pitchers (Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos, Mike Leake, Alfredo Simon) for the remainder of this season and 2015, before those pitchers become free agents.
If Homer Bailey signed for 6-years, $105M, you would have to think Cueto gets more than that and Latos gets close to that (depending on health). Leake will make a nice chunk of change and Simon will make pretty good money. Clearly the Reds won't be able to afford Bailey-Lato-Cueto-Leake-Simon. 
The Reds are in the difficult position of having some player contracts they'd like to get rid of, but likely won't have takers and have some player contracts they'd like to extend, but likely can't afford. 
Below is a list of payroll obligations into the future.
*Who should the Reds try to move?
*Who could the Reds get the most for in return?
*Who wants to stay?
*Who can the Reds afford to pay?
*When should the Reds trade one or two of those pitchers?
*Should they trade one or two of those pitchers?
*What minor league arms might be in a position to help in the near future from the group of: Robert Stephenson, Michael Lorenzen, Nick Travieso, Ben Lively.

Starting pitching
Johnny Cueto

2014: $10M, 2015: $10M option
Mat Latos
2014: $7.25M, 2015: Arbitration, 2016: Free agent
Mike Leake
2014: $5.92M, 2015: Arbitration, 2016: Free agent
Alfredo Simon
2014: $1.5M, 2015: Arbitration, 2016: Free agent
Homer Bailey
2014: $9M, 2015: $10M, 2016: $18M, 2017: $19M, 2018: $21M, 2019: $23M
Tony Cingrani
2014: $490K, 2015: $490K, 2016-17-18: Arbitration

Aroldis Chapman
2014: $5M, 2015: Arbitration, 2016: Arbitration, 2017: Free agent
Jonathan Broxton
2014: $7.5M, 2015: $9M, 2016: $9M (club option/$1M buyout)
Sam LeCure
2014: $1.2M, 2015: $1.8M, 2016: Arbitration, 2017: Free agent
Manny Parra
2014: $2M, 2015: $3.5M
Sean Marshall
2014: $5.5M, 2016: $6.5M
Logan Ondrusek
2014: $1.35M, 2015-16: Arbitration
JJ Hoover
2014: $520K, 2015: $520K, 2016-17-18: Arbitration

Joey Votto
2014: $12M, 2015: $14M, 2016: $20M, 2017: $22M, 2018-23: $25M, 2024: $20M (option/$7M buyout)
Brandon Phillips
2014: $11M, 2015: $12M, 2016: $13M, 2017: $14M
Ryan Ludwick
2014: $8.5M, 2015: $9M mutual option (buyout $4.5M)
Jay Bruce
2014: $10M, 2015: $12M, 2016: $12.5M, 2017: $13.5M (club option)
Chris Heisey
2014: $1.76M, 2015-16-: Arbitration, 2017: Free agent
Zack Cozart
2014: $600K, 2015-16-17: Arbitration, 2018: Free agent
Todd Frazier
2014: $600K, 2015-16-17: Arbitration, 2018: Free agent
Devin Mesoraco
2014: $525K, 2015-16-17: Arbitration, 2018: Free agent
Billy Hamilton
2014: $500K, 2016: $500K, 2017-18-19: Arbitration
Skip Schumaker
2014: $2M, 2015: $2.5M, 2016: $2.5M (buyout $250K)
Brayan Pena
2014: $875K, 2015: $1.4M
Jack Hannahan
2014: $1M, 2015: 2015 $4M ($2M buyout)
Ramon Santiago
2014: $1.1M