Crossroads Classic

Let's do this!

Saturday marks the sixth consecutive season for the Crossroads Classic.
The yearly event is staged at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Butler, Indiana, Notre Dame, and Purdue combined to create this event in 2011. They have each agreed to play in the event through at least 2019. 

2017 Crossroads ClassicPurdue vs. Notre DameIndiana vs. Butler 

For the first time in the six-year history of the event, all four participants will be ranked in college basketball’s Top 25. In The Associated Press poll released Monday, Indiana was 9th, Purdue 15th, Butler 18th and Notre Dame 21st. What a platform to showcase college hoops in Indiana this weekend!

Purdue and Indiana do not play each other in the Crossroads Classic, since they are conference rivals and always play later in the season. In even numbered years, Notre Dame plays Purdue while Butler plays Indiana. So, Notre Dame and Butler do not play each other.

Why not us?
Let's create a Greater Cincinnati/NKY version of this event with UC, XU, UD and NKU.
The field of four schools would span 60 miles radius around the Greater Cincinnati area.

Let's call it The Queen City Classic

Friday night podcast:

UC and XU would not play each other our event, since they have their own Crosstown Shootout. So, NKU and UD would also not play each other. 
Even numbered years: UC vs UD and XU vs NKU
Odd numbered years: UC vs NKU and XU vs UD

2016: UC vs UD, XU vs NKU 
2017: UC vs NKU, XU vs UD 
2018: UC vs UD, NKU vs XU
2019: UC vs NKU, XU vs UD

iHeart Media would be the presenter of the event, since iHeartMedia is the home for UC, XU and NKU basketball. Say it out loud:

The Queen City Classic, presented by iHeart Media.

i heart

We would put event promotion in the hands of Tom Gamble and In-Game Sports.

screen shot 2016 12 16 at 10


Where to play
I'd like a permanent site, but let's be honest, U.S. Bank Arena is not exactly ideal.
We rotate between the four home venues of the teams involved each year, giving each school 25% of the tickets:
XU: Cintas Center
UC: Newly renovated 5th/3rd Arena
NKU: BB&T Arena
UD: UD Arena

Expanding the field
Should we use the 4th spot, (beyond UC/XU/UD) to rotate through various schools?
Should we expand to six teams (Miami/Wright State) and play three games?
Should we bother extending an invite to Ohio State?

Expand to a championship event
Some fans will want to expand this event beyond a single game event for each team and have winners meet in a championship game. However, NCAA rules allow a school to play in a specific exempt event only once in four years.

How cool would this be? Who is with me?  We are discussing HERE.

Additional resources

An event of this magnitude would also require the services of Tommy Gehlerter 
and 4th Floor Creative:


I would also suggest a charitable partner of The Dragonfly Foundation, with 
a portion of the proceeds going to the foundation created by Christine Neitzke and
Ria Davidson:

dragon fly

Presenting sponsors
An event like this would require the backing of powerful sponsors, entrenched in the community. I envision the possibilities of including:


Cincinnati Bell

holy grail monday


screen shot 2016 08 07 at 11


penn station

screen shot 2016 12 16 at 1



Wear it well!
Every event needs a special T-Shirt. That's where our friends at Cincy Shirts come in!

cincy shirts

How cool would this be? Who is with me?  We are discussing HERE.

Poll: Do we need a version of the Crossroads Classic in Indy?