25 years ago Sunday: Pete Rose banned for life
9,132 days have passed since Rose was banned.

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Pete Rose: 25 years in exile
Jerry Crasnick, ESPN
Amid the smiles and signatures, Rose is trapped in a bizarre time warp in which he seeks forgiveness and a trace of a wisp of a presence. But baseball studiously avoids him, and the anniversary of his ban amplifies how little has changed. Giamatti famously told Rose he needed to "reconfigure" his life. Twenty-five years later, Rose is still pleading his case and wondering aloud why he's the only person in the game who can't get a second chance. As jerseys, bats and balls go out the door, he'll always be pitching Pete Rose.

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Should Pete Rose's lifetime ban be reversed? 81% YES 

Rose deserves return to game
Scott Miller, Bleacher Report 
Rose can be an asset for baseball. As he will be the first to tell you, nobody can sell baseball like Pete Rose (well, maybe after he's done selling Pete Rose).
His enthusiasm remains contagious. The first question he asked a couple of writers when at Cooperstown, New York, last month was whether they thought there was any chance Derek Jeter would be elected to the Hall of Fame unanimously.

Reinstated or not, Rose will dominate All-Star game
John Erardi, Enquirer
Those close to Rose professionally didn't want to talk for the record, but it's clear that none of them believes Selig on his way out the door will pardon Rose, not even for the limited purpose of clearing the way for him to go on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. The opinion on Manfred is less certain, but nobody believes a pardon would be the first thing on Manfred's plate, even though it would be a good way for him to show he's his own man, not a Selig clone.

Mike Schmidt: Time to answer the Pete Rose question

Let Rose in HOF already
Mike Downey, CNN.com
In my opinion -- with utmost respect for all who feel otherwise -- a life sentence is unduly harsh. We live on an Earth in which past sins can be forgiven, in which those who commit crimes do their time, pay their debts, then pray for a drop of milk of human kindness. A case could be made that Pete Rose needn't be crucified for what he did, that it wouldn't kill the game of baseball to finally let him off the hook.