Meet the Super Surgeons
Will Carroll, Sports Injuries lead writer
This list is hardly comprehensive, as there are far more than 10 worthy physicians out there. Teams around baseball (and other sports, since there is a massive crossover) have hard-working and well-qualified medical teams. If I wanted, I could go 20 or 30 deep with this list, but I've always thought the simple top 10 worked best. For now, let's meet this 2014 class of Super Surgeons:
3. Dr. Tim Kremcheck

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6:05, Sports Talk
All-Star Game
Home-field/All-Star game
Tri-State Sports Bucket List
John Williams, USTA National Father & Son Clay Court Championship at Cincinnati Tennis Club in East Walnut Hills.

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All-Star game

Video: Chapman injured?, Simon, Frazier, Jeter and more from last night.

AP: Bud Selig gives Reds green light to use Pete Rose at 2015 All-Star game.

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Reds sign Scott Diamond to minor league deal

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Looking back at some of the most memorable moments of the Reds first half of the 2014 season.

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On this date: 2001
Monday evening, July 16, 2001
Cincinnati Reds versus Detroit Tigers
Cinergy Field, Cincinnati, OH
From Steven Sharp: Today is the thirteen-year anniversary of the game that continues to make Lance Davis the answer to at least two trivia questions:
Who was the last LHP to throw a complete game for the Reds?
Who was the last rookie pitcher to throw a complete game for Reds?
Answer: Lance Davis  Boxscore
Every other MLB team has had at least FOUR regular-season games completed by a LH starting pitcher more recently than when it was last done by the Reds.  
There have been 564 MLB regular-season games (after July 16, 2001) in which a starting LHP has recorded a complete game. It's also been done 8 times in MLB postseason games since 2001. However, none of those 572 complete games recorded by LHP were tallied for the Reds. 
Total games started by Reds LHP (after July 16, 2001) -- 301. 
Twenty-three different Reds LHP have combined for those 301 total games started. Reds pitchers have thrown 63 complete games since the Davis effort on July 16, 2001, and all 63 of them have been by RH starting pitchers.

Crosley Field Site Tours Saturday
Join the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum for walking tours of the site of old Crosley Field on Saturday, July 19th. Crosley Field was the Reds home field from 1912 through June 24, 1970. There will be seven different tour times (starting at 11 a.m. and ending at 2 p.m.) led by Reds Team Historian Greg Rhodes and Reds Museum Curator Chris Eckes.
Cincinnati, OH 45214.
During the event there will be an opportunity to meet Crosley-Era players including Leo Cardenas (signing autographs from 12pm – 2pm) and Tommy Helms (signing autographs from 11am – 1pm).
Adult tickets are $35 and student tickets are $20 each.
Each tour ticket includes free hot dogs, a complimentary Ted Kluszewski collectible bronze statue and Scotts Great American Ball Park tour ticket voucher.
Order tickets HERE. 


The Sporting News: Hornets land Lance Stephenson


Survey says.......?

Ticket City: Most popular sports teams by state
Between the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and the 125 Division 1 FBS schools, there’s no shortage of sports teams to support in this country. While most fans opt to pick a team from each category, here at TicketCity, we wanted to find out which team out of all 247, was the most popular in each state. We decided to use Google to determine which team’s names were searched the most frequently in each state over the last 2 years and here is what we found:


Flashback: Reach For The Sky
Check out Pete Rose in this 1988 motivational video hosted by Bob Trumpy.