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Walt talks
Did you miss Walt Jocketty on Sports Talk Monday night?
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Final: Padres 1 Reds 0
are notes, stats, photos and video from a 1-0 loss.

Reds in June
Reds 18-10. Brewers 18-10.
Reds were 7 games out entering June, they are 7 games out entering July.
Reds got as close as 6.5 games and fell back as many as 8.5 games.
Entering June, Reds were 2.5 games out of 2nd Wild Card, behind 5 teams.
Entering July Reds are 1 game out of 2nd Wild Card, behind 2 teams.
Offense stats for June HERE 
Pitching stats for June HERE
Reds outscored opponents 135-102 in June.
135 runs 3rd in MLB.
3.44 ERA 11th in MLB 
How about this balance? RBI in June:
18 Frazier, 18 Hamilton, 17 Bruce, 17 Phillips, 15 Mesoraco, 10 Votto, 9 Cozart.

Strength of Schedule
Through 82 games ESPN
Reds opponents have winning percentage of .504 (10th)
Brewers opponents have winning percentage of .495 (26th)
vs teams .500 or better
Reds 27-22
Brewers 22-20
vs losing teams
Reds 16-17 (0-2 BOS, 1-2 NYM, 3-3 PHL, 1-3 SD, 1-2 TB, 5-3 CHC, 3-1 AZ, 2-1 COL)
Brewers 29-13
Head-to-Head and what's ahead HERE
vs Cubs: Reds 8 games, Brewers 3 games
vs Cards: Reds 4 games, Brewers 7 games
Reds vs Brewers 6 games left.
Reds lead series vs Brewers 5-2, outscoring 39-23.

Votto's health
Votto to the DL appears to be a matter of when?, not if.
Maybe he can hobble his way to the All-Star break in 13 days and use the time to rest.
That assumes that rest would be the answer.
His back leg is clearly unstable. He winced on swings last night and catching a pickoff throw from Mat Latos. There is not a better option on the bench at this point. But where is the line between battling through the moment vs protecting a $250M investment for the future?
Since coming off the DL: .264-.372-.361-.733, 0 HR in 72 AB and 19 games.
His last HR was May 10, a span of 24 games and 86 AB.
Last 7 games: .160 BA (4 for 25), .300 OBP.
Votto enters July hitting .260, the lowest batting average of his career entering July.
Batting average/On-base percentage entering July
2008: .282/.348
2009: .354/.452
2010: .313/.413
2011: .315/.436
2012: .352/.472
2013: .325/.437
2014: 260/.398
PS....It was two years ago this past Sunday night that Votto injured his knee in San Francisco.

(Getty Images) Votto says knee isn't an excuse for his performance 
"As long as I'm playing, I'm 100 percent," said Votto, who was out from May 16-June 9. "That's going to be the interaction between you guys and me. If I choose to go on the DL, I'm on the DL. If I choose to play, I'm 100 percent. ............."

Billy the Kid: Captured

(Getty Images)

Billy Hamilton was thrown out stealing for the 12th time in 46 attempts last night.
His 12 times caught stealing leads MLB, and are four more than anyone else.
Success rate Top 4 in SB's:
Jose Altuve: 37 of 40 (92.5)
Eric Young, Jr: 21 of 23 (91.3)
Alcides Escobar: 20 of 22 (90.9)
Ben Revere: 23 of 26 (88.0) 
Jacoby Ellsbury: 22 of 25 (88.0)
Dee Gordon: 40 of 48 (83.0)
Rajai Davis: 22 of 28 (78.5)
Starling Marte: 18 of 25, (75.0)
Billy Hamilton: 34 of 46 (74.0)
Elvis Andrus: 18 of 25 (72.0)
MLB average this year: 73%
13 ML teams have a higher success rate than Hamilton this year.
Last year, Billy was successful on 13 of 14 attempts (92.8) when he was promoted.
Billy success rate in his career:
Minors: 82.0
Majors: 78.0
*Eric Davis career success rate 84.0.
In 1986 he stole 80 of 91 (87.9). In 17 ML seasons he was never thrown out more than 11 times in a season.
*Joe Morgan career success rate 80.9.
In his MVP seasons of 1975-76, Morgan was successful on 127 of 145 (87.6).
*Rickey Henderson career success rate: 80.7.
Henderson holds the all-time MLB record for times caught stealing in a season with 42 in 1982. He stole 130 of 172 that season (75.5).
*Vince Coleman career success rate: 80.9.
Coleman stole 110 of 135 (81.4) in his rookie season of 1985.

Adding depth
The Reds signed LHP pitchers Ryan Rowland-Smith and Scott Maine on Monday.
Rowland-Smith was assigned to Triple-A Louisville and Maine to Double-A Pensacola. Rowland-Smith was with the Mariners when Bryan Price was Seattle's pitching coach.
"He's a Terrific/tough kid. Great sign. He could be a real nice fit for us," said Price on Monday's Inside Pitch (700 WLW).
Rowland-Smith pitched a scoreless inning with 2 K's for the Bats Monday night.
Maine pitched a scoreless inning with 2 BB's for the Blue Wahoos Monday night.

MLB Is this this the best Brewers team ever?

Braves catcher Evan Gattis to DL

Down on the Farm

How about Jesse Winker?



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Remembering Riverfront Stadium: 1970
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Taking BP 
Kansas City Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie steps into batting practice to pitch a few to Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle, Jason Sudeikis, David Koechner and Johhny Knoxville.

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