Remember when?

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Beating the trade deadline
Sunday was the eighth anniversary of Reds GM Wayne Krivsky and Nationals GM Jim Bowden hooking up to pull the trigger on an eight player deal
The Reds were 45-44 at the All-Star break, four games out of first place, and in need of major bullpen help. The Reds had lead the NL Central on June 8 (36-24), but they proceeded to go 9-20 and lost 8 of 9 as they hit the break. Krivsky struck with the deal the day the regular season resumed. The deal didn't help the Reds 2006 season. They went 35-38 the rest of the way and finished in third place, 3.5 back of the Cardinals (83-78). Ultimately, the deal was basically a wash. Bray wound up helping the Reds more than any player involved in the deal.

July 13, 2006: 
The Reds traded Austin Kearns, Felipe Lopez, and Ryan Wagner to the Nationals in exchange for Bill BrayGary Majewski, Royce Clayton, Brendan Harris and Darryl Thompson. 

From "We paid a steep price," Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky said. "I'm sure this will be a controversial trade. I know a lot of people will be leaving nasty messages on my voicemail, and I'll have some who think it's great."

Bill Bray
Bray pitched in 29 games for the Reds (4.23) following the trade in 2006.
After struggling with injuries in 2007, he appeared in 63 games (2.87) in 2008. 
He missed the 2009 season, after having Tommy John surgery. He bounced back to appear in 35 games in 2010, including 1.2 scoreless innings in the playoffs. 
Bray led the Reds in appearances in 2011: 79 games (2.98). 
After continuing to battle injuries, Bray retired this past offseason. He is enjoying time with his family, pursuing his degree at William & Mary and helping coach a high school team.

Gary Majewski
Majewski had led the Nationals with 79 appearances (2.93) in 2005, and had already pitched in 46 games (3.58) at the time of the trade. He appeared to be damaged goods upon his arrival in Cincinnati. He appeared in just 19 games (8.40) the rest of 2006, and just 88 games over three seasons with the Reds (7.38). Majewski is pitching for the Sugarland Skeeters in the Atlantic League. He has appeared in 28 games this season with 14 saves and a 1.65 ERA, after leading the team with 23 saves last year. His Skeeters will take on the Atlantic League All-Stars in a unique format on Wednesday.

Darry Thompson
I will always remember Thompson's ML debut for the Reds. He pitched five scoreless innings at Yankee Stadium on June 21, 2008. Thompson got a no decision in the Reds 6-0 win. In the second inning, Thompson gave up a double to Alex Rodriguez, a single to Hideki Matsui and a walk to Jason Giambi. He then struck out Jorge Posada, got Robinson Cano on a foul pop fly and struck out Melky Cabrera to end the threat.
He battled constant shoulder injuries, last pitching in MLB in 2011. 
He made one appearance in the Triple-A Mexican League earlier this year.

Brendan Harris 
Harris appeared in 8 games for the 2006 Reds. He was sold to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in January of 2007 and had his best season, .286-12-59. He last played in MLB for the Angels in 2013. He was released by the Dodgers at Triple-A earlier this season.

Royce Clayton
Clayton appeared in 50 games for the Reds the rest of 2006 (.235). He became a free agent in October of 2006. He appeared briefly with Toronto and Boston in 2007. He also appeared as Miguel Tejada in the 2011 movie Moneyball.

Austin Kearns
I've never been more wrong about a player than Kearns. I thought he'd be a Garrett Anderson (.280-20-80 a year) type player. He was the Reds 1st round pick (7th overall) in 1998. He finished 3rd in NL ROY voting in 2002 (.315-13-56). Following the trade, he hit .250-8-36 in 63 games to finish out the 2006 season for the Nationals. His combined 2006 season wash his career best: 24 HR, 86 RBI, 33 2B .830 OPS.
Dogged by injuries, he appeared in just 327 games over the next three seasons for the Nationals. He later played for Cleveland, New York Yankees and Miami. He last played in 2013, appearing in 13 games with the Marlins. Kearns has some off field issues, including a DUI in 2011. He is still just 34-years old.

Ryan Wagner
Wagner was the Reds 1st round pick in 2003 (14th overall). He appeared in 17 ML games for the Reds that same season (2-0 1.66, 21.1 IN). He pitched 40 games combined in 2006-07 with the Nationals (3-5 5.05). He last pitched in MLB in 2007 and was last at Triple-A New Orleans in 2009. He announced his retirement in May of 2009.

Felipe Lopez
Lopez had been an All-Star and Silver Slugger with the Reds in 2005, hitting .291 with 23 HR, 85 RBI, 15 SB. After the trade, he hit .281 in 71 games for the Nationals in 2006. He'd go on to play for five more ML teams (St. Louis 2x, Arizona, Milwaukee 2x, Tampa, Boston). He last played MLB with Boston in 2007.