Final: Rays 1 Reds 0

*Woeful, just woeful
*Reds scored 0 runs first 17 innings of season....have scored 1 run last 18 innings.
*14th 1-0 games in the 12-year history of GABP....88th shutout during the regular season, including 3 games this year.
*Poor Mario Soto, I mean Alfredo Simon: 8 IN, 1 R, loss.
*Reds have lost 4 straight series. Will try to avoid a sweep for 3rd straight series.
*Simon had 2 best AB's of day...9 pitch AB/grounder to right side, later advanced Cozart on a sac bunt.
*Simon saw 12 pitches in 2 plate appearances. BP/Hamilton 12 pitches each in 4 PA.
*28 runs 2nd fewest in MLB, Padres (26) to start day. "Marty, this team is gonna hit.........8 runs in 5 home games.
*Reds 3-8 for 1st time since 1995.
*Reds seventh 1-run game in 11 games.....2-5 record.
*Reds have fewest wins MLB.....worst record MLB.
*Offense: 1BB in 30 PA.
*In 3 wins, have allowed 1 run: 1-0, 2-1, 4-0.
*Billy 0-8 since St Louis sign of choking up/shortening swing with 2 strikes....none.
*Back-to-back nice D: Votto prevented a double and BP saved what would have been an RBI single.
*Missed chances: 
1. Votto led off 4th with 2B, thrown out at plate on Brandon Phillips single up middle. No idea why 3B coach Steve Smith sent Votto with no outs, 3-4-5 hitters up, and the CF charging hard.
2. Phillips was then thrown out trying to steal third?
3. 6th inning, Zack Cozart HBP, advanced on wild pitch and Simon sacrifice. Billy Hamilton, 1st pitching swinging(?), hit a shallow fly out and Votto grounded out.
*Momentum. Can't get it and keep it.
*Dusty has to be home, making wine, tending his garden, counting his $3M+ and laughing.