Our day at GABP

*You simply can't beat a day at the ball yard with the family.
*Other than the results, what a spectacular day for baseball.
*I got four tickets on StubHub, Section 427, for $20 each. I think they are normally $27 each? I love the view, you can see the entire field, positioning of outfielders.
*We grabbed our soft-side cooler, loaded up drinks from BP and stopped at Penn Station for subs. We added a bag of peanuts outside the ballpark. For people that complain about concession prices at GABP, I have no idea why you don't take food/srinks in.

Simons Says at GABP!
I've got an idea. In honor of Alfredo Simon, I want the Simon Says game on the scoreboard at GABP! You played the game as a kid. The Reds could get the entire stadium involved. Do it between innings. Heck, Peyton suggested the Reds pre-record it with Alfredo voicing it.
Can't you see it? Between innings, the entire stadium stands up. Alfredo appears on the scoreboard and says:
"Simon says, tap your head"
"Simon says, rub your belly"
"Jump up in down"
"Got ya, take a seat"
Play the game between innings, see how many fans can remain standing.
After several rounds, Simon says, "Good job, now back to baseball!"

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