BOSTON, MA - MAY 06: Tucker Barnhart #16 of the Cincinatti Reds reacts after flying out in the 9th inning against the Boston Red Sox during the interleague game at Fenway Park on May 6, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Final: Red Sox 4 Reds 3 (12 innings) Boxscore
*Record: 15-17
*10th 1-run loss of season for Reds.
*Grady Sizemore, figures, delivered a game-winning drive off the Green Monster in the bottom of the 12th to score David Ortiz. Logan Ondrusek, entering his 2nd inning of work, took the loss.
*Paging Sean Marshall, paging Sean Marshall.....RHP Ondrusek pitched to LH Sizemore with 2 on and 0 out in 12th? Last time Marshall pitched?: April 30....5 days, and twice in last 11 days.
*It could have been worse, Carlton Fisk could have pinch-hit and homered in the 12th.
*Bullpen had given Reds 5 scoreless innings heading to the 12th, after 6 scoreless innings in Milwaukee.
*Homer Bailey pitched 6 innings, 5 H, 3 R, 5 H, 5 BB.
*10 hits, at least one hit from all positions players but Neftali Soto.
2 hits Phillips, Cozart and Schumaker.
*BP 2 hits, BB, R
*Heisey 1 for 6
*Cozart batting average at .204, 1st time over .200 this season.
*Billy Hamilton, bad hand an all, PH for Soto and stayed in game as DH? Hamilton bunted both AB's.
*Reds 3 for 10 w/RISP, left 10 on base.
*Reds failed turn DP in 1st when there was confusion on who was covering 2B with the shift. Should have been BP's cover.
B1: Napoli RBI 1B, 1-0 Red Sox
T2: Schumaker RBI 1B, 1-1
B3: Napoli BB with bases loaded, 2-1 Red Sox, Sizemore RBI 1B, 3-1 Red Sox
T8: Frazier RBI 1B, 3-2 Red Sox, Ludwick sacrifice fly 3-3
B12: Sizemore game-winning 1B, 4-3 Red Sox
Missed chance:
T4: With 2 outs, Cozart 1B, Heisey 1B, Soto K.
T6: Phillips BB, Ludwick BB, Schumaker DP.
T9th: Cozart 1B, Hamilton bunted to 2nd, Barnhart flied out/looked like HR when left bat, Heisey reached bunt 1B, Votto fouled out to 3rd. (Last time he fouled out to 3rd?)

From listener Jeff
Homer Bailey Stats with/without Ryan Hanigan since 2010:
           With Hanigan         Without Hanigan
2010:  14 GS   3.24 ERA.     5 GS   8.42 ERA.
2011:  14 GS   3.21 ERA.     8 GS   6.80 ERA.
2012:  10 GS   3.20 ERA.    23 GS  3.89 ERA.
2013:  20 GS   2.71 ERA.    13 GS  4.93 ERA.
2014:   ----------------- --       7 GS   5.36 ERA.
Joey Votto Career batting with RISP:
2007-2012:  .351/.478/.620  OPS  1.098.
2013-2014:  .276/.478/.441  OPS  0.919.
Votto's splits with RISP his first 6 seasons were nothing short of amazing.
If you compare Votto's splits with RISP the past 2 seasons with his first 6 seasons, despite OBP being exactly the same, he has been much less productive/dangerous. 

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BOSTON, MA - MAY 06: Homer Bailey #34 of the Cincinatti Reds pitches against the Boston Red Sox in the first inning during the interleague game at Fenway Park on May 6, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)