Joey Votto on Sports Talk

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Joey Votto called into Sports Talk after the game Wednesday night. The interview begins at the 21-minute mark. (there is an audio overlap issue with the podcast around the 26-minute mark, it lasts for about 2-minutes. I'm working to see if it can be fixed).
Topics discussed:
*Joey says his struggles have him up for the WPE award, Worst Player Ever, but he's not worried.
*Does he feel this team is prepared for season
*Importance of April and fast start
*What goes through his mind at the plate
*Wanting to swing at FEWER pitches IN the strike zone.
*Autographs in public
*If Billy stealing is a distraction for him when at the plate
*Are the Reds good enough to win the division
*His reaction to my prediction he's set for a monster year

You can please some of the people, some of the time, but....
Below are comments after the show.


Why do you continue to empathize with Votto?
He underperformed and is overpaid.
He should be traded. 
Oh. Nobody else will pay so much for so little
Greg from Westchester

From Facebook:

Martha Engel Jackson He was a very good player until he hurt his knee an then got 25 M a year for 10 years. Now he doesn't Care....