Sports Talk: Did you miss Joey?

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Heeeee's back
Joey Votto returned to Sports Talk Friday night. He called in on his way home, after the game Friday night. He stuck around for the entire hour and took calls. He was once again radio gold.The interview begins at the 6:10 mark of the podcast. 
We discussed:
*His spring and how he says he's in the running for WAP...worst player alive.
*Impression of Billy Hamilton and a public admission about him, for the first time.
*Meeting Bob Knight and Tony LaRussa and what he told LaRussa.
*How he says he embarrassed himself as a fielder last year.
*Reaction to Chapman news, visiting him in hospital, with Jay Bruce
*Defensive shifts in MLB
*Concerns over injuries to the pitching staff
*Being a role model
*Impressions of Bryan Price
*His decision not to fill out an NCAA tournament bracket