Joey Votto on Sports Talk

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Joey Votto joined me seven times on Sports Talk this offseason.
Listen to each of his visits here:

Votto visit #7
Joey discussed: (Interview begins at 18-minute mark)
*How his struggles have him up for the WPE award, Worst Player Ever, but he's not worried.
*Does he feel this team is prepared for season
*Importance of April and fast start
*What goes through his mind at the plate
*Wanting to swing at FEWER pitches IN the strike zone.
*Autographs in public
*If Billy stealing is a distraction for him when at the plate
*Are the Reds good enough to win the division
*His reaction to my prediction he's set for a monster year

Votto visit #6
Joey discussed:

*His spring and how he says he's in the running for WAP...worst player alive.
*Impression of Billy Hamilton and a public admission about him, for the first time.
*Meeting Bob Knight and Tony LaRussa and what he told LaRussa.
*How he says he embarrassed himself as a fielder last year.
*Reaction to Chapman news, visiting him in hospital, with Jay Bruce
*Defensive shifts in MLB
*Concerns over injuries to the pitching staff
*Being a role model
*Impressions of Bryan Price
*His decision not to fill out an NCAA tournament bracket

Votto visit #5
Joey discussed:

*Differences in camp between Bryan Price and Dusty Baker.
*If he experiments with at-bats during the spring?
*His relationship with Pete Rose.
*If he's bothered by criticism from Marty Brennaman.
*His reaction when a caller compares him to a gas guzzling car that isn't what the Reds paid for.
*Changing his walk-up music in the spring.

Votto visit #4
Joey discussed:
*Memories of his 1st spring training, including hilarious stories about Tuffy Rhodes and Ken Griffey Jr.
*Reaction to Homer Bailey contract.
*Message for fans about escalating contracts in MLB.
*Dealing with fame/fortune/expectations/pressure
*Bryan Price's message on day one.
*Great Scott Rolen leadership qualities.
*Answers caller question if he's embarrassed to be making that kind of money, if it every becomes normal?

Votto visit #3
Joey discussed:
*Playing with Scott Rolen being the best thing that ever happened to him.
*His relationship with Dusty Baker and their differences when it came to Joey's approach at the plate.
*His reaction to Walt telling me if Joey doesn't want to change his approach in certain situations, he might have to change spots in the batting order.
*How much he knows about the new coaching staff. (I spit out my Diet Coke at his answer)?
*Why he struggled with his defense last year.
*His struggles with former GM Dan O'Brien's 'take a strike' mandate for the minor league system, and how it actually made him a better player.
*Playing basketball and trying football in high school.
*Homering in his final high school at-bat and what he did for the only time in his life.
*Who he thinks are the Top 3 players in the game today.
*Reaction to the Aroldis Chapman ESPN The Magazine story.

Votto visit #2
Joey discussed:

His offseason routine, his spot in the batting order, the individual stat he values the most, his views on leadership, learning to speak Spanish, his struggles at Dayton in 2003, preparing for pitchers, why he told Billy Hamilton that Billy is the first hitter to ever protect him, etc......

Votto visit #1
We talked about a variety of topics: What he thinks of the Reds offseason, his knee, his approach to hitting, Billy Hamilton, the Super Bowl, etc.
Interview starts at 13:22 of the podcast.