On this date: July 22, 1986
Final: Mets 6 Reds 3 (14 innings)
Riverfront Stadium
Length of game: 5:00
Watch the brawl that erupted when Reds CF Eric Davis slides into Mets 3B Ray
Knight. All heck broke loose.

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NY Times on the game/brawl:  The two exchanged shoves before Knight threw a right hand that grazed Davis on the side of the face. Benches emptied, and by the time order was restored, four players had been thrown out: Knight and Davis, plus Kevin Mitchell and Mario Soto. The ejections left the Mets short of players, and they were forced to put Gary Carter at third base - he had not played there since 1975 - and Orosco in right field. 

Davis and Knight Brawl
John Erardi, Enquirer  
One of the great brawls in Riverfront/Cinergy history occurred in the 10th inning of a 14-inning game against the talented New York Mets, who would win the World Championship that season, with the until-then-popular-with-Reds-fans Ray Knight playing third base.

Watch the entire game here:
The brawl erupts at the 3:29:00 mark