What were you doing 21 years ago today?
June 17, 1994

LOS ANGELES - JUNE 17: Motorists wave as police cars pursue the Ford Bronco (white, R) driven by Al Cowlings, carrying fugitive murder suspect O.J. Simpson, on a 90-minute slow-speed car chase June 17, 1994 on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, California. Simpson's friend Cowlings eventually drove Simpson home, with Simpson ducked under the back passenger seat, to Brentwood where he surrendered after a stand-off with police. (Photo credit should read MIKE NELSON/AFP/Getty Images)

HERE is the timeline of what happened and when it happened

The night OJ and the Bronco crashed the NBA finals
Twenty one years ago, Simpson got into a white Ford Bronco, pointed a .357 Magnum at his head and held America captive. It was the bookmark event for Generation X. If you don’t remember where you were that night, you were probably too young to remember anything.