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Eric Taylor, CHCA, Skyline Chili Crosstown Showdown, info HERE
*"Feel Good About/Worry About". Name the players/areas that fit those categories for the Bengals right now. Go.
*Reports say they will deal at least one SP in the offseason. Who? Why?
*As I've said, this is only going to get tougher. Can the Reds take the emotion out of this, like the Patriots do?

Congrats Randy Diebel! He won Grand Slam Baseball and a $100 Meijer Gift Card.
His picks: Bumbgarner, Papelbon, Aybar and Carter.

Poll: Which pitcher would you be more inclined to trade this offseason?





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Revocable waivers
It is not uncommon for teams to put their players on revocable waivers.
It can be done to gauge interest/value in the player. Sometimes it is done hoping that the player and his contract will be claimed:
*Once a player is placed on revocable waivers, the process lasts 48 hours.
*If a player is claimed, the team with rights to the player can:
A. Pull the player off waivers and do nothing, keeping him.
B. Work out a trade with the claiming team.
C. Allow the player and his contract to go to claiming team.
*If the players is claimed, and there is interest in a trade, the teams have 2 days to complete a deal.  
*If one teams claims a player, that is the only team he can be traded to.
*If multiple teams make a claim on a player, the order of priority is: 
1. From worst record to best record among teams in the same league as the club seeking waivers....then 
2. From worst to best among teams in the other league. 
*Players on the DL, cannot be placed on waivers.
*Teams may place up to seven players on waivers per day.
*Teams may make a claim, in an attempt to simply block/keep that player from going to another team. However, there is always the risk of the player's team not pulling him back, and the claiming team getting stuck with him.

Pitch, pitching, pitching......paying, paying, paying
The Reds have control of Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos, Mike Leake and Alfredo Simon through the 2015 season. There is a lot of talk about trading a starting pitcher to acquire a bat. I don't know how you resign Cueto or Latos. How? Why? Where would the money come from? Where would the payroll flexibility come from? Which pitcher can bring you more in return? What could you get for both? Does either pitcher want to stay? Who replaces either/both in rotation if they leave?
Johnny Cueto will be 29-years old next season.
2014: 15-8 2.26
Last 4 years: 48-24 2.50 in 96 starts
Career: 80-56 3.36
2014: $10M
2015: $10M team option/$800K buyout
2016: Free agent
Mat Latos will be 27-years old next season.
2014: 4-3 2.99
Career: 59-43
2014: $7.25M
2015: Arbitration (think $10-12M)
2016: Free agent
Future payroll commitments (Per Cot's Baseball)
Votto:   $14M 2015, $20M 2016, $22M 2017, $25M 2018-23, $20M/$7M*2024
Phillips: $12M 2015, $13M 2016, $14M 2017
Bailey:  $10M 2015, $18M 2016, $19M 2017, $21M 2018, $23M 2019, $25M/$5M* '20
Bruce:  $12M 2015,$12.5M 2016, $13M/$1M 2017
Broxton: $9M 2015, $9M/$1M* 2016
Leake:    ARB 2015, FA 2016
Simon:   ARB 2015, FA 2016
Ludwick: $9M/$4.5*, 2015 
Chapman: Not sure
Marshall:  $6.5M 2015 
Parra: $3.5M 2015
Schumaker: $2.5M 2015, $2.5M/$500K*, 2016
Hannahan: $4M/$2M* 2015
LeCure: $1.85M 2015, ARB 2016
Pena: $1.4M 2015, FA 2016
Frazier:    ARB 2015-2017
Mesoraco  ARB 2015-2017
Hamilton  ARB 2017-2020
Heisey     ARB 2015-2016
Cozart:    ARB 2015-2017
Ondrusek: ARB 2015-2016
(*=buyout, FA=ree agent, ARB=arbitration)

What a night at GABP. Casey got his first foul ball, a rocket straight back to us in Section 227. The ball hit under our seats. The Reds brought Casey a certificate and a giant mitt to use for a photo. It's tough to top and evening of hanging out, watching and talking baseball with Tim Parks and his father. Tim created Ballpark Pass-Port. It is a pretty cool concept, and perfect for a night like last night.

Final: Cubs 3 Reds 0
*Reds year ago stood 74-58.
*Reds lost a total of 65 games in 2012.
*When Reds lost 69th game last year, they stood 90-69.
*Reds 12-25 since All-Star break.
*Reds must go at least 10-20 rest of way to avoid 90 losses for 1st time since 997.
*Reds 10 games back of Milwaukee for 1st, 5 games back of 3rd place Pittsburgh.
*Reds 3.5 games out of last place.
*63 wins....Cubs 59. And to think I gave David Kaplan the Cubs and 19 wins in my bet.
*Back to back losses for Johnny Cueto.
*21st rain delay of season.
*Still don't get why that game started on time. Six minutes and 14 Cueto pitches into the game there was a 55-minute delay? Why do that to Cueto? Seems like Cardinals did that a couple years ago. Reds couldn't see a storm cell 6-minutes out?
*Daniel Corcino made his ML debut on his birthday: 1-2-3 9th, 2 K.

*12th time Reds have been shutout. Happened 11 times last season.
*30th time scoring 1 run or fewer. Happened 31 times last year.
*42nd time scoring 2 runs or fewer.
*65th time in 130 games scoring 3 runs or less.
*T-28th runs score: 495 Reds, 495 Cards, 433 Padres
Since All-Star break/37 games (12-25)
Runs: 118, 30th MLB (3.18)
BA: .219, T-last MLB
OBP: .272, last MLB
SLG: .324, last MLB
OPS: .596, last MLB
Batting averages since All-Star break
Pena .276 (105)
Negron .275 (80)
Frazier .248 (129)
Schumaker .228 (79)
Santiago .219 (64)
Hamilton .212 (146)
Mesoraco .212 (104)
Phillips .200 (30)
Bruce .198 (126)
Heisey .191 (68)
Ludwick .189 (90)
Hannahan .125 (24)

Post game

Running low on gas?
From Jeff:
Johnny Cueto Stats the past 5 seasons(2010-14):
Before August 20: Starts 102,  55-22 with  2.49 ERA.
After August 20:      Starts  25,    5-9 with  4.04 ERA.

The future of the Reds
From listener Matthew K:
This falls in line with what you’ve been saying for the last couple of days about the Reds need to grow as an organization.  They can’t afford to keep everybody and they have to get out of the salary jam they’ve put themselves in.
The next step is to be able to swallow the pill and make a tough move that can reposition the organization for future success, like the New England Patriots yesterday. 
Bob Castellini and Bob Kraft seem a lot alike, based on Kraft’s relationship with his players and all the good things he’s said about them in the past.
I think the Reds success moving forward will hinge upon Castellini’s ability to detach emotionally from guys that he feels close to and let Walt Jockety make the difficult moves necessary to periodically turn over the roster and keep this team under budget and competitive.

The 2014 season
From listener Steve H:

              It really does hurt me to think and say this (since I have lived in Cincinnati all my life and have followed the REDS/Redlegs going back to the late 50s when I was a kid)….but……as much as the REDS were considered as “Must See” REDS in April (buy your tickets and see our Team LIVE!) when the season had started, they seem to me to have morphed into the “Made For Radio” REDS… entertainment product that can be turned off when it ceases to be entertaining (which sadly has been the case far too often this year).
    I don’t profess to have any solution that would change them into a current-day Big Red Machine.  I am assuming that they have people who are running their organization that have way more business and baseball intelligence than I do, so I leave it up to them to find solutions to their issues.  I’m just a single consumer who looks at the REDS as a potential feel-good entertainment source, and when they are unable to deliver that feel-good entertainment on any type of consistent basis, then sadly I move on with my life without them.  I can listen in the car and I can listen at home and be doing other things….and I can turn them off if and when they become more frustrating than entertaining.
              Hope springs eternal that the REDS will find their “MOJO”, but realistically their ‘body of work’ displayed so far tells me that it ain’t happenin’ this year.  And because of that, that is why I feel the REDS are now just a “Made For Radio” baseball team.
              But the life-long Cincinnati native that I am, I must now borrow that often-voiced phrase that the Chicago Cubs fan-base has been proclaiming for decades of….”WAIT ‘TILL NEXT YEAR!!!”


X's and O's add up so far
Geoff Hobson,
Quarterback Andy Dalton is hitting 70 percent of his passes with no interceptions while the No. 1 offense has scored points on seven of 11 possessions with three touchdowns. The first-team defense hasn’t allowed a touchdown in 10 series while forcing three turnovers and holding foes to 1-for-12 on third down.
We hear you, it’s only preseason. But although they’re 1-2, it’s hard to remember when both units together have broken from the gate so crisply.

Nice catch!
Travis Mattair (Reds Double-A Pensacola) reaches over the rail for a foul pop. 

Check out Winston-Salem Dash manager Tommy Thompson. Game story HERE.

College football

Video: UK QB (Highlands) Patrick Towles previews the opener

CBS Sports: Ranking college football coaches by their playing career, 1 to 128.

If image is everything, Big 10 has a big problem
Todd Jones, Columbus Dispatch

(Photo courtesy: Florence Freedom)

(Florence, KY) – The Florence Freedom have expanded Pete Rose’s involvement with the team when the Hit King makes his visit to UC Health Stadium on Tuesday, September 2.
Rose will step into the batter’s box to lead off for the Freedom in the bottom of the 1st inning for the 'ultimate Pete Rose photo opportunity' from the stands.
After a tip of the hat to what should be a standing ovation from the crowd, the Freedom will pinch hit for number 14 before a pitch is thrown.
Rose has also agreed to increase his role from coaching first base for a few innings to also coaching third base for several innings as well.
First pitch is set for 6:35 p.m. against the River City Rascals with gates opening at 5:35.
“Pete agreeing to step into the box and being announced as the leadoff man for the Freedom will be a goose bump moment,” Freedom General Manager Josh Anderson said. “Fans, bring your cameras because you might not get a moment like this ever again.”
All three phases of Rose’s career will be honored that night. From stepping into the box, to coaching first base to the retiring of his number 14. Ticket info HERE 

Kentucky Speedway 
NASCAR Tripleheader Weekend Returns to Kentucky Speedway July 2015
Sparta, Ky. – For the fifth time in the tracks history, NASCAR’s elite drivers will battle on the roughest track in NASCAR July 9-11, 2015 for three action-packed nights of racing when the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS), Nationwide Series (NNS) and Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) visit Kentucky Speedway.
“We are thrilled to maintain our position as the only mid-summer tripleheader weekend on the NASCAR schedule and we will again host the Nationwide Series for a return visit in September,” said General Manager Mark Simendinger.
It will be the second time the NASCAR tripleheader weekend will be hosted in July featuring the NSCS Quaker State 400, a 300-mile NNS race and the NCWTS UNOH 225 opening the weekend. It will be the fourth time the NNS will return to the track for a second date when they visit Saturday, September 26.  
“The way the calendar falls in 2015 requires us to move back to our 2011 summer position of immediately after the Daytona Fourth of July weekend instead of before it. Summer in the tri-state means racing at Kentucky Speedway. Thanks to our great fans who have helped us establish that tradition,” Simendinger exclaimed. Ticket info HERE

Cincinnati Swords
Each season the Cincinnati Swords recruit talented junior hockey players who show great potential to play at the college level, and beyond, Who do not live within a reasonable driving distance to Sports Plus. To take advantage of this great opportunity, the players need families willing to share their homes, and become a "home away from home" for them. The importance of the billet families to the Cincinnati Swords organization is immeasurable!