Guy Trip
Casey and I had a fantastic Saturday in Louisville. What a great day trip. 
We made the 90-minute drive Saturday afternoon and came back Saturday evening.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
I finally crossed Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory off my Sports Bucket List.
Big thanks to Kyle Schlegel (VP of Marketing) for giving us a tour. 
What a cool place and what a timeline of the history of the game and Louisville Slugger bats. The Wall of Signatures at the entrance is pretty amazing. It has the signature of every player that has signed a contract with Louisville Slugger, dating back to Pete Browning in 1884. There is a movie theatre that shows a 13-minute film, "The Heart of the Game", batting cages, life size statues, a vault of original bats/models made for players, exhibits and more. If you go, take the factory tour and watch the bats being made. The process is pretty spectacular. Personalized bats can be ordered when you arrive and then picked up before you leave. The museum store has everything from coffee mugs to bats and hats. 
Be sure and walk down the historic Main Street and check out the mile long Louisville Slugger Walk of Fame. Players inducted into the Louisville Slugger Walk of Fame have a bronze caste of the Louisville Slugger model bat they used, and a bronze home plate with highlights of their career.

Imagine if the Reds could add a bat like this one. The weight of the bat is approximately 68,000 pounds. The hollow interior has a 30,000 gallon capacity.
The bat is 120 ft. long and 9 ft. diameter at the base.

Gotta put on gloves when you enter the vault. We got to hold the original model for Babe Ruth's bat.

Casey holds the original model for Jackie Robinson's bat.

Here is Jackie Robinson's signature from his original contract with Louisville Slugger.
The company had signed Robinson one year prior to his promotion to the Brooklyn Dodgers.

With our personalized bats in front of the Signature Wall.

Hanging out with The Bambino.

Casey with Derek Jeter.

Casey with Ken Griffey Jr.

A bat signed by the "Great Eight" at GABP last season.

Casey better not make an error with this mitt!

The entrance of Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

How cool! It's Cool Papa Bell on the Louisville Slugger Walk of Fame.

Louisville Slugger Field
We also took in our first Louisville Bats game Saturday night. I can't believe Louisville Slugger Field is 14-years old, it looks brand new. What a cool entrance and setup.
I like the integration of the rail freight depot from the late 1800's. The Overlook Deck behind the right center field wall has picnic tables along with a concession stand. There is a carousel located on the concourse next to the right field bleachers. You can ride the carousel for $1. I love the lawn area in left field. The Bats do a great job with between inning promotions and getting fans involved. Jake the Diamond Dog was on hand Saturday. The dog acts as a bat dog, retrieving bats and returning them to the dugout. The dog also carries a basket with bottles of water to the umpires between innings.
Big props to Matt Andrews, voice of the Bats on WKRD (790AM). After years of having Matt on my show, I finally got to meet him face to face. I was honored to be asked to join him in the booth for the 5th inning. It was also great meeting Nick Curran from the Bats broadcast team and former Bats Media Relations Director Nick Evans.

Louisville Slugger Field holds around 13,000.

Nothing beats sitting with scouts at a baseball game. We had scouts in front of us and on both sides.

There goes Jake the Diamond Dog to get a bat.

Tucker Barnhart on deck, the pride of Brownsburg