Friday notes

Preview: Reds vs Brewers tonight
Season series: Reds lead 4-2, outscoring 39-23.
NL Central
Brewers ---
Cards  5
Pirates 6.5
Reds  7
Cubs 12.5
Wild Card
1. Giants
2. Nationals
Cards 1
Pirates 2.5
Reds 3

All-Stars for Reds?

Poll: Which Reds player is most deserving of being an All-Star?


ESPN's 5 baseball experts each picked their 34 man rosters.
Here is the breakdown for Reds selected:
5 of 5 picked Todd Frazier to start at 3B.
5 of 5 picked Johnny Cueto, 3 of 5 pickd him to start the game.
4 of 5 picked Aroldis Chapman.
3 of 5 picked Devin Mesoraco.
1 of 5 picked Billy Hamilton....1 had Hamilton as his last player cut.
0 of 5 picked Alfredo Simon.
Where Simon ranks among NL starting pitchers:
Wins: 10 (2nd)
ERA: 2.81 (9th)
WHIP: 1.05 (6th)
QS: 14 (T3)
%QS: 88% (T3)
BAA: .222 (5th)
WAR: 1.9 (15th)


Down on the Farm: 
It was the Ben and Jesse show at Pensacola last night.
Game story HERE


Matheney talks Wainright starting All-Star game 

Dad catches foul ball, baby chews on it

Remember Zach Duke?
The LHP is 4-0 1.34 in 39 games, averaging 11.76 K per 9 innings.

On this date: 1939


USA Today: Can they finally get over the playoff hump?

World Cup: Ann Coulter is back at it

Soccer: Part Deux
Ann Coulter
This past week has allowed me to add several new items to my list of grievances. Further proof that soccer is a game for girls: Since my column came out, a guy from the Paraguay team (Uruguay? Who cares?) was caught biting an opponent in a match. Not punching. Not a cross-body block. BITING! How long can it be until we see hair-pulling in soccer?