We are headed to Hocking Hills for a couple of days. If you have any suggestions of things to do, please pass them along. We are thinking zip lining, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing. Have you been to a specific place? I see a number of options on-line.

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Ben Utecht, former Bengals TE, now musician
Chris Burke, covers NFL for SI'com Audibles...features on Dalton, Denard and Atkins ranking, Sanu's roles, offseason Report Card

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Ben Utecht's new single
Former NFL TE Ben Utecht played for the Bengals 2008-09. He won a Super Bowl with the Colts in 2006. Utecht suffered a career ending concussion during training camp wth the Bengals in 2009. He is still dealing with memory loss and behavioral change. He recently spoke before Congress about concussions.
Four years removed from the NFL, Utecht is now a singer, with music as his full-time job. He has recorded three albums. He just finished production on his break out solo album "Man Up". This song/video is from a letter he's written to his wife and daughters for fear he will not remember their names and faces someday, due to brain disease from his concussions. Website HERE


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What they said
I have spent the week reaching out to various people around MLB, from scouts and front office people in other organizations, to agents and former players. The plan was to get a idea of a direction for the Reds to take as they approach the trade deadline.
Here are some of the thoughts/ideas presented to me:
*It's not happening this year, the Reds can't survive the next five weeks without Votto and Phillips, and there is not a bat to acquire that would make a big enough difference.
*Don't buy, better position the Reds for 2015.
*Take Stock of Your Stocks: Explore deals for Alfredo Simon, Jonathan Broxton.
If you can get out from under Broxton's $9M next year and $9M/$1M buyout in '16, do it, now. Deal Simon while his stock is as high as it will ever be.
*Shutdown Joey Votto and get him healthy for 2015.
*Play Donald Lutz. Get him 200 plate appearances (1B/LF) in the final 61 games.
*Hope Brandon Phillips gets healthy enough to create a trade market for him in the offseason.
*An idea presented last week, prior to losing skid and when they were 1.5 games out: Deal a starting pitcher (Cueto/Latos/Leake). The loss of an arm would be more than offset by the acquisition of a bat. You don't need 5 starting pitchers in the postseason. It would help the Reds after 2015 when Cueto, Leake and Latos can become free agents. If you count Alfredo Simon, the Reds would still have 3 starting pitchers remaining and they could target signing two of them.

What's behind the struggles?
Mark Sheldon,
MILWAUKEE -- After rolling into the All-Star break with gusto, the Reds went away for the four-day respite, and somehow they have yet to come back.Although it's the same team that won of eight of 11 to end the first half, Cincinnati has yet to win a game in the second half. A winless road trip to New York and Milwaukee has produced a season-high six-game slide and a 51-50 record. What was a 1 1/2-game deficit behind the first-place Brewers at the break is now 5 1/2 games.

Rosenthal: Free Giancarlo Stanton

The Washington Nationals Racing Presidents are here!
mascot races all weekend. Get to know them HERE

George Foster Baseball Boot Camp info HERE 

Aug 4-7, 2014
9am-1pm Mon-Thurs
(Friday as rain date)
Boys and Girls
Ages 8-13

Bengals: A camping we will go

Video and photos from Bengals game HERE 


Suspended for abuse, then patted on the back
NY Times
Let’s say Ray Rice, the team’s Pro Bowl running back, had tested positive for steroids. Under league rules, he would have faced a minimum four-game suspension. A punishment that severe might have gotten in the way of this fine team of men and their playoff drive.Instead Rice drove his hand into his then-fiancée’s head, knocking her cold last February in an elevator at an Atlantic City casino. In the National Football League, domestic battery apparently counts as half-a-rood, good for a two-game suspension.

This is cool!

Florence Freedom will host Sherlock Holmes Night Saturday
Trained actors from the Murder Mystery Theater Company will be at the game acting out a Murder Mystery Theater throughout the night. It’s the first Murder Mystery Theater performance at a baseball game in history.
The script of the Murder Mystery Theater is entitled “Take ‘em out at the ballgame.” The exciting mystery will be acted out throughout the evening until the seventh inning stretch. At that point fans have until the middle of the ninth inning to cast their ballot on who they think committed the crime. Fans who guess correctly could win one of the special Sherlock hats and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Frank Caliendo


Covington Blue Sox 
Clip from the upcoming documentary OUR TRUE BLUES: THE STORY OF THE COVINGTON BLUE SOX, A Film By Cam Miller. The premiere screening will be held July 31 2014 at the Bank of Kentucky Room at the Kenton County Public Library in Covington KY at 7PM