Sebastian Bach is the Canadian-born former lead singer of Skid Row in the 80's. He may be 46 years old now, but his voice is still as strong as ever. He even tested his chops on the Broadway stage in shows like "Jekyll & Hyde", "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", and "Jesus Christ Superstar". "Give 'em Hell" is his fifth solo album. We're featuring the first single, "Temptation".

On the opposite side of the rock spectrum is Neon Trees. This electro pop-rock group from Provo, UT got their big break a member of The Killers saw them playing a club in Vegas and asked them to come on tour. Since then they've had big hits with 2010's "Animals", and 2012's "Everybody Talks". "Pop Psychology" is their third studio album. We're featuring the first single, "Sleeping With A Friend".