Life is a contact sport, and no one knows that better than Eve Wright, a dynamic professional sports executive, entrepreneur, and mother. But as our world grows increasingly complex, competitive, and confusing, life becomes less about the luxury of doing what we want and the necessity of doing what we must.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Life at the Speed of Passion will revolutionize the way you think about what your life looks like, what you do for a living…and why you do it. Through her meteoric rise in the corporate and sports worlds, Eve has learned to master the craft of confident decision-making while blending it with personal integrity to create a life more passionate and purposeful than she ever imagined.

Life at the Speed of Passion will help you:

-Focus on what really matters to you.
-Cut the emotional and professional "fat" out of your life.
-Streamline your personal and professional decision-making process.
-Learn how to trust your instincts--and act on them with confidence!
-Don't settle for life in the slow lane; start living Life at the Speed of Passion!

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