One blanket completely changed a man's life forever. Big L.T. lost his foot in a car accident and has been struggling to support himself on disability payments of $839 a month. One day "Antiques Roadshow" showcased a item similar to a family heirloom of L.T.'s - a Navajo blanket passed down for generations.

With his bank account $50 overdrawn, L.T. set out to get the blanket appraised. As luck would have it the blanket was a first-phase chief's wearing blanket dating back to the 1850s. Less than 50 first-phase Navajo blankets survive today - an almost identical blanket to L.T.'s resides at the Smithsonian.

When the blanket went up for auction it fetched $1.8 million for the man who described himself as "not ever really having much of anything". What do you have in your attic?