Jim Scott

My Opening Day

Jim Scott's Final Broadcast

Crimestoppers 4-2-15

Drones Have Replaced Sheepdogs

Crimestoppers 3-26-15

Jim Scott


Each morning from 5am-9am , Jim talks with them all, news correspondents from the White House to London to Baghdad; newsmakers from former Presidents to Playboy beauties; sports figures from Pete Rose to Marvin Lewis and actors, authors and activists. He's the voice of volunteerism, the emcee of choice for just about anything from Marty Brennaman night at the ballpark to a Bengals rally to a visit from the President. Jim is an avid golfer, marathon runner, the guy who will close your kids' school in the winter. And he does this all on 5 hours of sleep a day. Jim is the winner of the 2002 Marconi Award for Large Market Radio Personality of the Year. His show is produced by Greg Shurts.


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