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It's Harder to Find a Date if You're the Middle Child

Posted June 17th, 2014 @ 9:24am

Middle children have a reputation for being the WEIRD ones.  Maybe this backs that up.



Researchers recently looked at 7.6 million online dating profiles, and divided them up according to whether the person was the oldest sibling in their family, the youngest, or the middle child.



What they found was that the oldest child was MORE likely to find a relationship online.  And the middle child was the LEAST likely.



Firstborn kids with ONE sibling were about 6% more likely to find a relationship than the average user.  For firstborn kids with TWO siblings, it was about 5%.  And for the oldest of four, it was almost 10%.



Meanwhile, people who were the BABY in their family were about 2 to 3% LESS likely to find a relationship than the average user was.  And middle children were between 5 and 7% less likely. 



(Daily Mail)

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