As many of you who have listened to my show know, my full time job is as a bartender. My wife, Krista 2.0 and I labor 5 days a week at a neighborhood bar 5 days a week in Newport Kentucky. This is our primary source of income. The clientele is a cross section of society. In the coming weeks, with discretion, this blog will be kind of a journal. The people we meet and have the blessed privilege to serve, will be fodder for these posts.


I will not use their names, only their stories. I respect their privacy and count on their business. My goal is not to damage either. My goal is to share that part of my life that you could never know once a week on Saturday mornings. They are every bit a part of my life and contribute greatly to what you hear on the radio. Show prep for me is a 24/7 effort. My experiences and the people you will hear about are precious to me and the biggest part of my life. I hope you enjoy.