The River City News has released some of the texts that Jared Murray sent to a female student. Some of them can be seen below:

On August 28, Murray texted the girl at 6:48 a.m. "You up?" He continued, "I knew I liked you for some reason", "Girl, you're always looking nice", and at 7:18 a.m., "You already know I'll smack your ass".

At 12:14 p.m., during school hours, Murray texted, "If I was twenty years younger maybe". At 3:22 p.m., "You look nice today".

On August 29, at 7:09 a.m., Murray texted the girl to say, "Morning, good lookin'". At 7:32 a.m.: "So when you moving in?" At 7:40 a.m.: "We would have tons of the fun".

More texts continued to flow that day. At 9:24 a.m.: "Just remember you have somebody here who cares for you deeply".

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Listen to Jared when he was on with Willie: