It’s party time at CVG.

It’s been a while since the airport had much to celebrate, but this week we get a double-dose of fun, with Allegiant’s inaugural service to Orlando kicking off on Wednesday and then Frontier’s presence at the airport expands with their Trenton, NJ service that will begin on Friday.

This flurry of low cost carrier activity is being noticed by other airlines around the country and that could very well lead to us seeing additional airlines launch service from CVG. Airlines such as Vision, Spirit, and Jet Blue are distinct possibilities, while Southwest remains a distant possibility given their expanding service in Dayton.

With the additional service from CVG we will continue to see lower fares in many markets around the country as the main line carriers such as Delta, United and American are forced to match those lower fares on many of their flights.

All of this good news comes as a direct result of the hard work of the CVG Administration and Marketing team. As with any airport, months and years of concentrated work are required to produce even the slightest result – normally while the surrounding communities are screaming for more service and lower air fares. I applaud the team at CVG for their efforts that have allowed us to see both additional service and lowered airfares.

Given the attention CVG is getting right now, I think we may have a few more reasons to celebrate in the not-to-distant future.