Two years ago Monday we lost Neil Armstrong. To me Neil was a man who was passionate and loved talking about aviation and during the 16 years I was privileged to know the man, I was always in awe of how easily he said NO.

“No" to weekly seven-figure endorsement deals, simply for signing his name. "No" to those who wanted to interview him about the past, because his vision was always on what our great country could achieve in the future and "No" to those who tried to get him to accept credit for going to the Moon. He was simply a part of a huge team and he never wanted to be singled out.

May we all have a little of that humility in us, because we live in a world where principle is defined by how much it takes to buy someone and the idea of holding out for what ones believes and stands for is no longer appreciated or even understood in our day - which probably explains why so many people have a hard time understanding what Neil Armstrong was all about. It is my hope we catch a little of that vision and apply it to our own lives, because we would all be much better off for it and it would make the world in which we live a much better place.