To be named the best regional airport in North America is an impressive accomplishment, considering the 410 airports that are competing for top honors. To be named the best regional airport in North America for the fourth year in a row is an amazing feat.

The award was presented by SKYTRAX, an independent London-based air transport research organization. SKYTRAX spent a year surveying nearly 13 million passengers, from 110 different countries, looking for the best airports in the world and for the 4th consecutive year CVG was named as the best regional airport in North America.

1. Cincinnati
2. Denver
3. Halifax
4. Seattle
5. Minneapolis
6. Detroit
7. Raleigh
8. Charlotte
9. Philadelphia
10. Pittsburgh

The most impressive part of the survey though was the ranking of airports in the 5-10 million passenger (per year) category. In this ranking CVG was named as the best airport in the world, with no other U.S. airport even making the top ten.

1. Cincinnati
2. Cologne Bonn Airport (Germany)
3. Cape Town International (South Africa)
4. Bahrain International (Bahrain)
5. Gold Coast Airport (Australia)
6. Porto Francisco (Portugal)
7. Hyderabad International (India)
8. Muscat International (Oman)
9. Budapest International (Hungary)
10. Christchurch International (New Zealand)

It would be easy, and somewhat understandable, for the administration at CVG to rest on their laurels, but I do not expect that to be the case. I have long been impressed with the vision and (especially) the aggressive nature of the CVG team in going after additional air service and trying to get existing airlines to increase their service to our airport. I am still amazed they were able to get Allegiant Air to abandon their proven business model (of flying from smaller, general aviation airports) to come to CVG.

The results of these continuing efforts will ultimately lead to CVG dropping out of one list, the one which measures the highest air fares in the country. The average fares at CVG have been dropping considerably and over the course of the next two quarterly reports from the Department of Transportation, I look for CVG to drop from the top 5 and then the top 10 – all as a direct result of the work that the CVG administration team is doing.

While I am pleased with the past performance, I cannot wait to see what the next few years hold for CVG.