Relax and don’t allow the headlines to convince you otherwise, because fares from CVG have been dropping and dropping fast over the past several months.

A recent Department of Transportation report for the 2Q of this year shows fares from CVG averaged $518 per person, round trip. Keep in mind this is for the time period of April, May and June.

In May of this year Frontier Airlines initiated their low cost service to Denver and beyond and many thought this would allow us to finally see some relief from the exorbitantly high fares from CVG. But the recently issued report seems to sing the same old story about how we are faced with nearly the highest air fares in the country.

It’s about time for that tune to change.

I predict by the time the numbers for the 3Q roll out, CVG will remain in the top ten, but will fall past the number 5 place. By the early part of next year, with things remaining equal, I doubt that we will see CVG appear in the top ten of the most expensive airports in the country.

We really need to have a full year of low cost service at CVG to see the full impact of the reduced fares. As a result, I suspect by the time the report for the third and fourth quarters are released by the DOT, the initials CVG will be nowhere to be seen.

You don’t need to wait until then to see the actual fares though, because here is proof of the lowered air fares. I looked at five markets from Cincinnati and compared fares to those from Dayton:

Dayton: $282
Cincinnati: $282 (nonstop from CVG, connection from DAY)

Dayton: $268
Cincinnati: $260

New York City:
Dayton: $311
Cincinnati: $294

Dallas Ft. Worth:
Dayton: $284
Cincinnati: $294

Los Angeles:
Dayton: $295
Cincinnati: $312

For many travelers, the numbers listed above are eye-opening. The same fares to Houston, with nonstop service provided from CVG and connections required from Dayton. Cheaper fares when flying to New York and Boston, while fares to Dallas are $10 higher and Los Angeles $17 higher. Do these sound like the second highest air fares (on average) in the country? Hardly.

I checked these fares for travel from December 5th to December 12th and the more you check, the more evident it becomes that fares from CVG are falling.

The headlines may say otherwise, but today’s numbers show a completely different story and it’s one that travelers from CVG like to read.