Allegiant does it again.

With the announcement on Tuesday that Allegiant will offer low cost (nonstop) service from CVG to Las Vegas, we see the continual expansion of Allegiant’s presence at the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Believe me when I say, this is a big deal.

When Allegiant chose to initiate service from CVG, they were departing from their 15 year proven business model. Their proven and profitable plan of attack was to always choose smaller general aviation-style airports, where the operating costs were less than the larger commercial airports, offer one or two destinations as a way to serve the market. This model was a revenue generator for Allegiant and when they announced plans to fly from CVG the response from the airline industry sounded a great deal like the minion from the movie Despicable Me: “WHAT?!”

Cincinnati was not known as a place where low cost carriers came to thrive, which is why many questioned Frontier’s decision to leave Dayton and relocate their daily nonstop Denver service to the CVG airport. Many who questioned that move were shocked to see Frontier add an additional flight to Denver from the airport and then expand their service to Trenton, NJ. Frontier was in Dayton for seven years without expanding once and now after a year at CVG the airline was adding fights and expanding their service? Yes, indeed.

Then Allegiant announces their decision to come to CVG and it raised more eyebrows than ever because the move seemed to coincide with a shift in mood from the community where low cost carriers were now going to be appreciated and supported like never before. That’s what makes Allegiant’s decision to come to CVG such a great story because not only have they departed from their proven business model to succeed, they are thriving to the point they have expanded to now SEVEN destinations from CVG. The Cincinnati Airport has now become the fastest growing market in Allegiant’s 15 year history! That kind of success has already been noticed by other low cost carriers around the country and I suspect we will see some of these airlines joining Frontier and Allegiant by announcing service to CVG in the near future.

The airport management team deserves the credit for getting these carriers to consider service from our airport and the community deserves the credit for their initial and continued success. That kind of support will allow us to see additional low cost service from CVG.

Thank you Allegiant!