It’s sad, really.

When you look at a list of the top Business Class airline service, not one U.S. airline made the top 10.

1. Singapore Airlines
2. Oman Air
3. Qatar Airways
4. British Airways
5. Etihad Airways
6. Swiss Air
7. Virgin Atlantic
8. Cathay Pacific
9. Qantas
10. Emirates

It would seem airlines from other countries recognize that service plays a role in repeat business clients. While U.S. carriers focus on frequent flier programs, other airlines are obsessing over ways to increase their service level through an expanded in-flight menu, Sky Beds with massage options, and some of the best pre-departure Business Class lounges on the planet.

Service far beyond traveler expectations.

While in the United States we put up with merger-mania, increasing fees (airline execs call them “options), and a decreasing route map airlines in other parts of the world are pampering fliers in ways Americans cannot even imagine. It’s a sad testament to the greatest country in the history of the world to be so far behind in matters of service.

In the 1980’s airlines fell in love with technology and started spending billions of dollars investing in technology that would ultimately replace the human element. The race for technology came at a very steep price because the needs of the customer were disregarded and considered secondary to the IT Department and the scariest part is airlines in this country aren’t even aware that they are still doing it!

I suppose if we want to see what a pampered in-flight experience is all about we’ll need to climb aboard a non-U.S. airline.

How sad.