The Scott Sloan Show 6-27-17

The Scott Sloan Show 6-26-17

The Scott Sloan Show 6-23-17

Bill Cunningham 6/23/17

Bill Cunningham 6/22/17

Eddie and Tracy... Fridaaaayyyy

Eddie and Tracey 6/21/17

Eddie and Tracy 6/22/17

Mo In For Lance

Gary Jeff Walker 6/10/17

Gary Jeff Walker 6/3/17

Gary Jeff Walker 5/27/17

3-28-17 Reds Hot Stove

3-21-17 Reds Hot Stove

3-14-17 Reds Hot Stove

1-2-17 Bengals Line

3-20-17 Mick Cronin Show

3-13-17 Mick Cronin Show

3-6-17 Mick Cronin Show

Time to Trade Cozart

Morals at Work

Reds Injury Concerns

Sleeping In 6/15/17

Hit By a Pitch 06/06/17

Interviewing a Bird 6/05/17

Mike Allen 6-14-17

Mark Blazor and Tim McGhee 6-11-17


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