Open your Facebook or Twitter at any point of the day and it takes only seconds to see it from your non-Trump-supporting friends: behold, an article (reliable source of course) trashing him or blaming him for XYZ reason.  While not admirable it is understandable to a degree.  

However MUCH worse are the articles and comments that don’t want to give even a sliver of tribute to the President for a certified positive action in the country, i.e. the economy, jobs numbers, etc.  “Those are Obama's numbers! Everyone knows that!” they shout.

But it’s the same ol’ story.  We’ve been here before.

I remember back in 2011 when the Obama Administration led a successful raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  It was a great day for both the country and the world.  But no one on the “right” could enjoy it because they were too busy figuring out all the ways Obama didn’t deserve credit for it.

“That operation was started under Bush, Obama didn’t do anything!”

“Obama didn’t even know what was going on!”

Many comments like the ones above were made.  Even as a someone who was not a supporter of Obama, I was like “Really? He deserves not one ounce of acclaim for this?”  Ridiculous. Of course he did.

The cycle has come full circle and we are ALL looking stupid. And hypocritical.  And ignorant.

But of even more detriment is that when there is REAL reason for criticism at the current or former President, our arguments are disregarded because they don’t stand out.  It simply looks like more of the same, nothing noteworthy, and is received with eye rolling and comments made under our breath before we move on to the next thing two seconds later.  

It’s yet another example of all of us not wanting to get it right, but to “BE right.”  And trying to “BE right” all the time is making our arguments watered down and as a result, ineffective. 

Give criticism and praise both when they are earned, or else arguments don’t carry merit.